Our history

Celebrating 50 years of changing lives

Wandle proudly supports people across south London who need a home – it is why we were formed in 1967, and why we exist today. Since then we have grown into an organisation with over 7,000 homes across nine south London boroughs and almost 200 staff.

The Merton Family Housing Trust (Wandle’s original name) was formed by a group of local people who were concerned about homelessness and felt that is was possible to do something practical about it. They had a simple aim: “to provide homes for homeless families, regardless of colour, language, race, or creed..”

50 years on, we face the greatest housing crisis since the end of the Second World War and Wandle is doing its bit to build the homes south Londoners need.

We continue to invest in the communities in which we were founded, supporting local organisation and encouraging residents to realise their full potential.

Our plans for the future are as ambitious as ever as we look to build 1,000 new homes and invest significantly in our existing properties, ensuring they are places our residents feel proud to call home.

A good quality, affordable home is the key to a successful and fulfilling life. That belief has been at the heart of our work for the past 50 years and it will continue to be so for the next 50.

As part of the 50th anniversary celebrations we will profile staff, residents and partners - they will be our #50faces. Through their voices we will tell our story.

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