Meet Philipe: “Now I am fully qualified – massive thanks to Wandle” | #50faces

Meet Philipe: “Now I am fully qualified – massive thanks to Wandle”

I’m 28-years-old living in Southwark and I’m really into Muay Thai, which is Thai Boxing. Four years ago, I decided to start learning more about the combat sport. It takes a lot of physical and mental discipline to practice the sport but I love it. Fast forward to now and I’ve been a professional Muay Thai boxer for over two years and I’ve competed at venues like the O2 Arena.

I currently work in an office but find the standard nine to five to be very restricting, so decided to start teaching Muay Thai - taking group classes or one to one sessions. I’ve had so much fun teaching and had thought about starting a Personal Trainer course, as a way to combine what I love to do in my spare time with working. Just by luck, Wandle posted a leaflet through my door and I signed up to the course right away – it was an opportunity that I didn’t want to miss.

The course, which is held in partnership with Wandle and Focus Fitness, is a six to seven week intensive session where I completed the level two fitness certificate and the level three Personal Trainer certificate.

Now I am fully qualified - massive thanks to Wandle, I will become a personal trainer teaching and training more clients. I’ve now gone part time at work with the aim of building up my client base and make a real go of becoming a Personal Trainer.

Wandle has been amazing with helping me do this - with funding and by giving me the opportunity to learn and better my career change. I had no idea that this was something that my housing association would offer, but now that I know that, they offer so many different services that can help residents reach their goals and I think that’s amazing. 

Photo Credit: @rakowskanatalia

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