Graffiti is criminal damage, and can be reported to the police, but they won't remove it.

If the graffiti personally targets you or your family, you need to report it to the police immediately, and you must also let them know if you are concerned about your safety.

Once you have reported the incident(s) to the police, please contact us or complete the online ASB form. You must include the incident report number, and the officer's name so that we can make contact with them and agree next steps with you and the police.

If the graffiti doesn't target someone and it is on our land, please report the graffiti to us, with a photo if possible and we will arrange to get it removed. If it is racist or abusive, we will arrange to remove it within one working day, otherwise it may take up to five days.

Removal of graffiti on private property is the property owner's responsibility.

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