Obstructive parking

Obstructive parking

If your neighbour is parking in a way that obstructs the entrance to your home and/or allocated parking space, try approaching them for a chat and explaining the problem, as they might not know there is an issue. 

If the problem continues then you can take the following action:

If it is on a public verge or highway and the vehicle is found to be parked contravening local parking regulations contact your Local Authority who might be able to assist by issuing a Penalty Charge notice. 

If it is parked in such a manner where it needs to be removed immediately, please contact the police who will arrange this, if they think it is necessary.  

If it is on land owned by Wandle, let us know and we will contact your neighbour. It may be that your neighbour or their visitors are not aware of the local parking arrangements.

According to the Road Traffic Act, there is only one offence in regards to obstructive parking.

An obstruction occurs when you are prevented from entering your parking space on your property (for example, accessing the drive on your front garden, over a dropped kerb). There is no equivalent offence if you are prevented from leaving the space.

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