Clarson House updates

Update 9 November, 4.30pm

Water leak - Midnight Avenue

A leak in the cold water supply to the Midnight Avenue block (flats 49 - 89), has affected the riser cupboard, the electrics and the Automatic Opening Vent (AOV), a piece of fire safety equipment.

The leak has been traced to the water meter in the communal riser cupboards on the fourth floor. This was been repaired today; however it has affected the AOV, so we have turned it off to allow it to dry out. Our electrical contractor has checked over the communal electrics to ensure that it is safe.

Once it has dried out, we will carry out any further repairs that may be required. Until then, we have taken the precaution of having a fire patrol in this block starting from this evening with 24-hour cover. This is a precautionary measure and the evacuation advice remains the same, i.e. unless the fire is in your flat, you should stay put until it is safe to evacuate or you are told to do so by the Fire Brigade.

Affected residents will receive a hand delivered letter with this information this evening, and have also been texted with a link to this update.


Update 9 November, 10am

Hot water leaks

In the last month, three residents have reported leaks within their flats. On each occasion, we have attended and repaired the leak. However, a common theme has been identified, in that the leaks appear to be occurring in the same places on the heating system. While we investigate this, we have decided that it is prudent for us to pre-emptively check all other HIUs to see if they are showing similar issues. This is a free check for tenants and we will also offer this check to all leaseholders free-of-charge due to the apparent commonality of the issues. We have instructed K&T to start booking appointments for these checks.


Cold water leaks

Separate to the above, there was also a leak in the communal riser cupboard on the third floor of the block facing Camberwell Green. When we investigated this, it was found to be a perished washer on the cold mains. We have repaired this. This follows on from a programme we ranin February this year when we replaced washers in the communal areas by the front doors. We will review this with our Repairs team and decide if this was a one-off event or whether we need to run a similar programme for the washers in the riser cupboards. As these washers abut the meters, we will also need to speak with the statutory undertaker about this.