Covid-19 updates

Current situation

We will keep this page up to date as official advice changes. With this in mind, this information was reviewed on Monday 3 August at 2.50pm.

Our office remains closed, but you can contact us as usual on 0300 2000 120, or by emailing

Return to standard repairs services

Thank you for your understanding and support as we make steady progress, in a phased approach, towards a return to our standard repairs service. Click on the link here for more information.

To find out how we are prioritising repairs going forward, please stay alert for COVID-19 Updates on these pages.

Please note that planned works such as kitchen and bathroom replacements may continue to be affected at this time.

Statement from Tracey Lees, Chief Executive, on resumption of services

I want to start by saying thank you for all the support and assistance you have given Wandle since Covid-19 began to affect the country. Your patience and acceptance of the situation has enabled us to keep our customers and employees safe during this difficult period.

Whilst the lockdown has started to be lifted, and the Government is keen for increased business activity, the virus is still in existence and many people are still falling ill and dying around the country. We will continue to place your safety and wellbeing at the heart of our service delivery plans.

The housing minister has this week written to all Housing Association customers and a copy of his letter can be seen here. In this, he talks rightly about the return of services, but that these must be delivered safely and in conjunction with the Governments advice on working safely during coronavirus.

We have started the recovery of some services and are busy implementing recovery plans for others. At the beginning of the lockdown we placed on furlough a number of employees and we will begin to bring them back shortly. At the same time we are ordering significant volumes of protective equipment (PPE) so that we can keep you and our employees safe when they carry out their roles.

Many of the activities will still be delivered remotely where they can, but some services like repairs, estate services and cleaning, will be returning to a normal service as soon as we have obtained necessary volumes of PPE.

Before lockdown began, we were already experiencing some repair backlogs, and whilst we have been undertaking emergency repairs, other repairs will have been identified in this period and we need to complete these in an orderly fashion.

To aid us in prioritising the outstanding repairs we have set the following order of priority:

  1. Repairs affecting health & safety,
  2. Repairs for vulnerable customers, NHS & care workers,
  3. Repairs with a significant delay, or those with an ongoing history or scale,
  4. All other requests, in date order (earliest reported first)

We appreciate that many of you will have been waiting some time for a repair, but in the current situation we feel we have to prioritise our resources on health and safety and the most vulnerable.

This approach, and the return of our services is dependent on the virus and you will be aware that the Government recently announced a five level alert system. We have adapted this to share with you our approach to services during this time and how our approach changes based on the risk level set and importantly how we would need to respond if there was a second outbreak and peak. This is shared below and will be kept up to date on our website and social media.

Level 3 - phased return to normal services, prioritised by PPE availability

The final thing I would like to mention is that all of our services rely on our employees being healthy. We have worked hard and will continue to work hard to keep them and you safe. If you have Covid-19 symptoms and/or are self-isolating please let us know and similarly we will not send anyone who displays symptoms to your home. If we experience a significant outbreak of Covid-19 amongst our workforce we will have respond by adjusting our services until they recover.

I know this has been a difficult time for you all and there is so much uncertainty but I can assure you Wandle will do all it can to provide the services and support you need and I hope you all continue to keep safe and virus free. Please continue to keep up to date via our website and social media pages.

Most of all,  please keep safe.

Tracey Lees


More information

How you can help

Please be aware that it is critical you follow the advice from the government in respect of self-isolation and we ask that you notify us if you are in self-isolation or have the virus. 

If you are vulnerable or one of the high risks groups identified by the government and you need help, please contact us and we will do all we can to support you during this difficult and unsettling time.  

Our operatives are likely to attend properties in protective equipment to reduce the risks of them becoming infected.  We can confirm that no operative will be attending homes if they show any symptoms.


Being a considerate neighbour

With more of us staying at home in line with government guidance there has, unfortunately, been an increase in reports of noise nuisance and other low level anti-social behaviour. We would like to remind residents to remain aware of how changes to the daily routine may be affecting those in neighbouring homes. Please keep noise disturbance to a minimum and in the spirit of the stay at home message be a good neighbour and mindful of others.

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