Current situation

The current situation is changing fast, and we will keep this page up to date as official advice changes. With this in mind, this information was reviewed and correct on Wednesday 8 April at 2pm.

We appreciate that with sunny weather forecast over the coming days, residents may be tempted to make the most of outdoor spaces including having barbecues and we wanted to remind you of Wandle’s position regarding barbecues on our properties and provide guidance to help keep you safe.

Please be aware that for fire safety reasons Wandle does not permit barbecues on balconies at any time. Find out more below.


Our primary goal remains the safety of our customers and employees and following government advice, we are changing some of our services and the way they are delivered until further notice.


Our staff

Our office at Minerva House is closed until further notice, and as a consequence all employees are working remotely to maximise social distancing and minimising travel. 


Our services

Our aim is to continue to deliver all of our housing services efficiently and effectively.  We hope that you will see minimal disruption to these however, because of social distancing advice, the usual housing services will only be accessible via the telephone or email. Services will be prioritised by considering those who are most at risk or finding it difficult to cope in these current circumstances.

We understand that some of you will experience some inconvenience from these changes but they are in place to ensure your health and wellbeing. 

Where possible if there are minor problems, such as a small mess or some rubbish left, if you can deal with this yourself rather than contacting us it will ensure it gets resolved much quicker.  We are hoping to maintain estate cleaning for as long as we can and assure you we will reinstate full services as soon as it is possible to do so. We will be reviewing the charges on any service charge related services that we do not deliver and adjusting them to reflect the


Public Health Advice

Stay safe, stay at home and follow advice with regards to social distancing. Please check the public health website for ongoing advice and check our website and social media for further updates on services or service disruption and if you need to contact us please do so using the normal channels.

Most of all,  please keep safe.


General Tenancy enquiries

For any general tenancy management issues or enquiries about your tenancy please contact the Neighbourhood Team.

Please email

We aim to respond within 3 working


Fire safety

Help us keep you safe


With the country on lockdown we know that people are spending more time at home, and that can mean an increase in activities.  There will be more cooking going on, more laptops plugged in to charge, portable heaters getting more use, children tearing around your home and an increased amount of smoking in the household.  We would ask at this challenging time that you remain especially alert to hazards about the home and take every safety precaution.


We also appreciate that with the sunny weather forecasted over the coming days, residents might be tempted to make the most of outdoor spaces including having barbecues and we wanted to remind you of Wandle’s position regarding barbecues on our properties and provide guidance to help keep you safe.



At this time when social distancing rules are in place and there are strict national directives in place against large groups of people coming together, residents should not hold barbecues.


Please be aware that for fire safety reasons Wandle does not permit barbecues on balconies at any time.


 If a fire starts on a balcony it could spread much more quickly than if inside your building because:

  1. There is an unlimited supply of oxygen available to keep it burning
  2. The slightest breeze or wind blow fire and embers spreading it upwards and outwards, catching on fabric like curtains or dry grass verges and trees which will fuel a blaze.


There is no safe way to have a barbecue on a balcony. If you do so you will put yourself and everyone in your building at risk.


Please work with us

Help us support you and keep you, your family and neighbours safe at home by remembering a few simple tips:

  • Keep all fire exits clear
  • Do not use barbeques on balconies
  • Take care when cooking
  • Do not to overload plug sockets
  • Please be careful when smoking and ensure you extinguish your cigarettes safely. This includes not discarding them over the side of your balcony as they can fall on the balcony below and cause a fire


If you see anyone using a barbeque on their balcony or you have any concerns about fire safety please contact us.  The London Fire Brigade has further advice on fire safety which can be found on their website



Paying your rent

We know that the ability to pay rent and service charges is something that has been of great concern for many of our residents at this time. We understand how uncertain and stressful the current situation is and would like to reassure you that we intend to provide as much support as we can to everyone. Our aim is to help you to keep your home.  

Your rent and service charge continues to be charged on a weekly or monthly basis as usual and it is important that you continue to pay. If you are having difficulties paying it is essential that you let us know. Our specialist income team is ready to support residents who may be struggling to pay their rent and service charges. The team will help by putting personal payment plans in place if needed to provide extra support to any resident affected by coronavirus.

In addition, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has made temporary arrangements for benefit claimants impacted by coronavirus. Please check the DWP's information about coronavirus (COVID-19) and claiming benefits page ( regularly for updates.

If you have lost your job and are a PAYE Employee, you can apply for Universal Credit on the Department of Work and Pensions website: and

If you are self-employed and struggling with loss of earnings, you can claim a grant through the coronavirus (COVID-19) Self-employment Income Support Scheme:

You will also need to apply to your Local Council for Council Tax Support.  Use the following link to access your local council website:


Other help you can apply for include:

  • If you pay gas and electricity by Direct Debit, speak to the utility company about reducing your payments while you wait for benefits to be paid


  • You can also contact your local Foodbank for help with food – we can signpost you to one in your local area


  • If you are affected by the Bedroom Tax or the Benefit Cap, you will still need apply for Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP) from your local authority.


  • You can also contact Wandle for free Welfare Benefits advice

Repairs service and Covid-19

From Monday 23 March 2020 we have suspended all repairs apart from those that are necessary to avoid danger to occupants or similar serious effects on people, or serious damage to the property. This may only mean making the property safe.  We will publish a list of works we are continuing to do in the frequently asked question section of our website. If you are in any doubt we are still open and therefore, please contact us. 

Please note this means works that have been planned such as kitchen and bathroom replacements may be delayed.

How you can help

Please be aware that it is critical you follow the advice from the government in respect of self-isolation and we ask that you notify us if you are in self-isolation or have the virus. 

If you are vulnerable or one of the high risks groups identified by the government and you need help, please contact us and we will do all we can to support you during this difficult and unsettling time.  

Our operatives are likely to attend properties in protective equipment to reduce the risks of them becoming infected.  We can confirm that no operative will be attending homes if they show any symptoms.


Being a considerate neighbour

With more of us staying at home in line with government guidance there has, unfortunately, been an increase in reports of noise nuisance and other low level anti-social behaviour. We would like to remind residents to remain aware of how changes to the daily routine may be affecting those in neighbouring homes. Please keep noise disturbance to a minimum and in the spirit of the stay at home message be a good neighbour and mindful of others.