Coronavirus FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Are you still visiting tenants and residents?

We want to continue delivery of as many services as we can to our tenants and residents, as seamlessly as possible in the face of this continually changing environment.

We are trying to reduce service disruption as much as we can. However, because of social distancing advice, the usual housing services will only be accessible via the telephone or email. We will prioritise services by considering those who are most at risk or who are finding it difficult to cope in these current circumstances. We will continue to try and deliver all other services seamlessly to our customers remotely as there will undoubtedly still be many issues that they need our support with. We also hope to be able to proactively support our most vulnerable customers during this time to ensure they are kept safe and healthy.

How do I let you know if I/someone in my home has been diagnosed with coronavirus?

We would really appreciate you notifying us if you have been diagnosed with coronavirus or if you have had to self-isolate. The way to do this this is by email:

You can also call 0300 2000 120. Please be patient as phone lines are particularly busy during this time of uncertainty.

What if I can’t pay my rent?

Our aim is to support all residents at this difficult time. If you think you might have trouble paying your rent, please contact us at the earliest opportunity so that we can provide support and assistance. Our income team can be contacted by emailing or calling our usual number during office hours.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has made temporary arrangements for benefit claimants impacted by coronavirus. Please check the DWP's information about coronavirus and claiming benefits page regularly for updates.

I need to report a repair, when will it get done?

We regret that currently we can only offer an emergency repairs service where a repair is needed in your home. We will consider whether the repair is an emergency based on the level of risk to customers’ wellbeing, where there is a significant risk of harm should the repair be delayed. If we undertake an emergency repair, it is possible that we will only make the repair safe and return at a later date to complete the work fully.   

Please report emergency repairs by calling us on 0300 2000 120. This is a 24 hour line, each day of the week.  

However, please note we have changed our ‘out of hours’ emergency service (for calls taken between 6pm and 8am) to a next day service, except in exceptional cases such as fire,  flood or structural damage to the building.     

We are still continuing to undertake repairs to the communal parts of buildings and in external areas, where possible to do so. It is likely that we will need to re-appoint planned works, such as kitchen and bathroom replacements, where these appointments are due in the next few weeks.  We will contact individual customers who already have pre-booked appointments with a separate update.   

I have already reported a repair and have an appointment for this to be done. Will this appointment be cancelled and rearranged?

Yes, we will cancel all non-emergency repairs appointments and notify each customer separately.  We will keep track of the repair and contact you to arrange a new appointment once it is safe to undertake the repair. 

I’m self-isolating. Will my repair be done?

It is essential that you please notify us if you are in self-isolation or have contracted coronavirus and require an emergency repair to your home. We will then assess whether the repair must be carried out and seek to arrange specialist support to help undertake the work safely.  Once again it is likely we will make the repair safe and then complete the repair fully, once it is safe for our workforce and contractors to do so.   

I already have an appointment for planned upgrade works e.g. kitchen, bathroom or window replacement. What is going to happen?

We have postponed all planned upgrade works in individual dwellings, such as kitchen and bathroom replacement works. Properties that have been postponed will remain our priority when things return back to normal.

For upgrade works that are in external and communal areas, such as roof, window and door replacement, our contractors are currently reviewing the programme and making plans to continue where this does not create a risk to residents or workers. Where there is need to gain access to individual flats, they will follow protocol that is in place and contact the residents to confirm if there are any residents in isolation before booking appointments. If work is deferred due to resident being in self-isolation, these will be prioritised when things return to normal. 

Scams and bogus callers

The response to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic has inspired acts of charity and highlighted the work of many heroes out there. Unfortunately there are, however, those who may use this situation as an opportunity to take advantage of the uncertainty and concern many of us are feeling.

Please remain aware and ensure that you take necessary steps to protect against scams and bogus callers. You will find useful information and guidance on a number of national websites including:

Metropolitan Police

Age UK

Citizen’s Advice UK


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