Covid-19 - Rent and finance advice

Paying your rent

We know that the ability to pay rent and service charges is something that has been of great concern for many of our residents at this time. We understand how uncertain and stressful the current situation is and would like to reassure you that we intend to provide as much support as we can to everyone. Our aim is to help you to keep your home.  

Your rent and service charge continues to be charged on a weekly or monthly basis as usual and it is important that you continue to pay. If you are having difficulties paying it is essential that you let us know. Our specialist income team is ready to support residents who may be struggling to pay their rent and service charges. The team will help by putting personal payment plans in place if needed to provide extra support to any resident affected by coronavirus.

In addition, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has made temporary arrangements for benefit claimants impacted by coronavirus. Please check the DWP's information about coronavirus (COVID-19) and claiming benefits page ( regularly for updates.

If you have lost your job and are a PAYE Employee, you can apply for Universal Credit on the Department of Work and Pensions website: and

If you are self-employed and struggling with loss of earnings, you can claim a grant through the coronavirus (COVID-19) Self-employment Income Support Scheme:

You will also need to apply to your Local Council for Council Tax Support.  Use the following link to access your local council website:


Other help you can apply for include:

  • If you pay gas and electricity by Direct Debit, speak to the utility company about reducing your payments while you wait for benefits to be paid
  • You can also contact your local Foodbank for help with food – we can signpost you to one in your local area
  • If you are affected by the Bedroom Tax or the Benefit Cap, you will still need apply for Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP) from your local authority
  • You can also contact Wandle for free Welfare Benefits advice


Scams and bogus callers

The response to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic has inspired acts of charity and highlighted the work of many heroes out there. Unfortunately, however, there are those who may use this challenging time as an opportunity to take advantage of the uncertainty, apprehension and concern many of us are feeling.

Please remain aware and ensure that you take necessary steps to protect against scams and bogus callers. You will find useful information and guidance on a number of national websites including:

Metropolitan Police

Age UK

Citizen’s Advice UK

Wandle Chat Assistant