Covid 19 - Staying safe at home

Fire safety

Help us keep you safe


With the country on lockdown we know that people are spending more time at home, and that can mean an increase in activities.  There will be more cooking going on, more laptops plugged in to charge, portable heaters getting more use, children tearing around your home and an increased amount of smoking in the household.  We would ask at this challenging time that you remain especially alert to hazards about the home and take every safety precaution.


We also appreciate that with the sunny weather forecasted over the coming days, residents might be tempted to make the most of outdoor spaces including having barbecues and we wanted to remind you of Wandle’s position regarding barbecues on our properties and provide guidance to help keep you safe.



At this time when social distancing rules are in place and there are strict national directives in place against large groups of people coming together, residents should not hold barbecues.


Please be aware that for fire safety reasons Wandle does not permit barbecues on balconies at any time.


 If a fire starts on a balcony it could spread much more quickly than if inside your building because:

  1. There is an unlimited supply of oxygen available to keep it burning
  2. The slightest breeze or wind blow fire and embers spreading it upwards and outwards, catching on fabric like curtains or dry grass verges and trees which will fuel a blaze.


There is no safe way to have a barbecue on a balcony. If you do so you will put yourself and everyone in your building at risk.


Please work with us

Help us support you and keep you, your family and neighbours safe at home by remembering a few simple tips:

  • Keep all fire exits clear
  • Do not use barbeques on balconies
  • Take care when cooking
  • Do not to overload plug sockets
  • Please be careful when smoking and ensure you extinguish your cigarettes safely. This includes not discarding them over the side of your balcony as they can fall on the balcony below and cause a fire


If you see anyone using a barbeque on their balcony or you have any concerns about fire safety please contact us.  The London Fire Brigade has further advice on fire safety which can be found on their website



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