Estate Inspections

Estate Inspections

Estate inspections

We welcome and encourage our residents to join us on our Estate Inspections in order to resolve community issues and celebrate improvements. If you live on an estate of 10 homes or more, and are interested in taking part in an Estate Walkabout with other residents, we can arrange this. An Estate Walkabout will give you a chance to look around communal areas with other residents and your Neighbourhood Officer. You can advise on environmental improvements such as security, rubbish and fly-tipping as well as any repairs that need doing on your estate.

Estate inspections are carried out monthly and sometimes quarterly. We have upcoming estate inspections this year.


What you will be doing?

Walking around your estate with your neighbourhood officer and other interested residents, to inspect the communal areas to suggest methods of development and improvement.

We will keep in contact with all residents and keep you updated on any upcoming estate inspections.



  • Get to know who your neighbourhood officer is.
  • Improve your local community
  • Work with other neighbours and share ideas on improving your community.


Frequency: once a month

Dates: A schedule of when estates will be inspected will be updated shortly. In the meantime, please contact your neighbourhood officer if you have any queries.  

Location: Estate/Block as scheduled

If you have any further questions, please contact us at:   

Wandle Chat Assistant