Help with your bills

Help with your bills

Warm homes discount scheme

The warm homes discount is available for people who are most at risk of getting into financial difficulty including those on low income or receiving pension credit.  If you are eligible the scheme can provide a discount of £140 on your  electricity bill  for the winter of 15/16.  If you receive Pension Credit you automatically qualify and should receive a letter from your energy supplier.

You may also qualify if you receive certain benefits; you should check with your energy supplier as eligibility criteria vary for each company.  It is best to get in touch with your supplier as early as possible to apply. 

More information is available by following this link.

Cold weather payment

You may get a Cold Weather Payment if you’re getting certain benefits; you don’t need to apply, if you are eligible you will be paid it automatically into the same bank or building society at your benefit payments. Payments are made when your local temperature is either recorded as, or forecast to be, an average of zero degrees Celsius or below over seven consecutive days.

The 2015-16 Cold Weather Payment scheme is due to start on 1 November 2015. You’ll be able to check if your area is due a payment in November 2015. You’ll get a payment of £25 for each seven-day period of very cold weather between 1 November and 31 March.


Winter fuel payment

You could get between £100 and £300 tax-free to help pay your heating bills if you were born on or before 5th January 1953. This is known as a ‘Winter Fuel Payment’.

Most payments are made automatically between November and December. You should get your money by Christmas.

You usually get a Winter Fuel Payment automatically if you get the State Pension or another social security benefit (not Housing Benefit, Council Tax Reduction, Child Benefit or Universal Credit).

If you qualify but don’t get paid automatically, you’ll need to make a claim.

Any money you get won’t affect your other benefits.

Wandle may be able to help you make applications to utility grants. If you require this help please contact your Customer Relationship Officer.

Your energy provider

In addition to providing advice on energy saving and grants ,some utility companies can offer help with arrears, household furniture and other debts. Contact your energy provider to see how they can help.

Switch your energy supplier

Another way to save money can be to switch your energy supplier . If you haven’t checked how much you are paying for the last 2 years, it could save you up to £200.  To see if there is another provider offering a better deal .

Wandle has teamed up with My Home Energy Switch which can compare your current bills with the whole of the uk energy market to see if you can get a better deal.

My Home Energy Switch

Energy monitor or smart meter

An energy monitor is a simple handheld battery operated gadget that measures and shows you how much energy your using so you can see where you could cut back. Monitors cost around £40 in shops or online.

The government is ensuring that utility companies install Smart meters in every home by 2020 so that customers pay for the energy they actually use and not on an estimate.  They allow the utility company to remotely read your meter and work with  pre payment meters also .  You don’t have to agree to have one now but if you do you your bills will be accurate rather than estimated as the meter will allow energy companies to read your bills remotely using wireless technology . You  can ask your energy provider to install a smart meter. There is no upfront  charge for this but companies recoup the cost in bills.


If you live in a top floor flat or a house loft insulation will prevent heat escaping and save you money. Many lofts do not have the full level of insulation recommended to prevent heat loss. If you’d like a check on your loft fill level, please contact Louise Hannah, Sustainability Manager 0208 682 7413 or email

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