Keeping your home safe


What is asbestos?
We understand that you may be worried about asbestos but, rest assured, properly managed, asbestos poses no risk to health
Asbestos is the name given to six natural minerals that have been used as insulation, reinforcement of building materials and fire protection. It was used extensively in the building industry up to the year 2000.
What are we doing?
Wandle has a procedure for managing asbestos which includes appointing independent consultants to inspect all our properties. This means:
Your home may already have had a survey and we may just be updating our records.
A number of homes will require a full detailed survey.
If we are carrying out improvement work to your home we may carry out a follow-up survey.
Any repair or any works to a property will require an asbestos survey
The survey will identify if there is any asbestos in your home, whether it presents any risk and make you aware of any appropriate action we need to take.
You can book your survey for a time that suits you. To book, please contact Life Environmental on 0844 335 1281

electricalElectrical Testing 

Wandle has a duty of care to safely maintain our properties and that includes electrical compliance safety. 
Every 5 years or at a change of occupancy we complete inspections to detect any factors impairing or likely to impair the safety of an electrical installation and safety of the occupancies. Then we will be able to carry out any repairs or upgrades required to bring the electrics up to standard. 
Someone aged over 18 will need to be present throughout the test which will last around 90 minutes.
The power will be switched off for portions of the test and we will need access to all rooms.
We have asked a specialist contractor,  R & MA Stewarts, to carry out these tests.
To book your test at a time convenient for you please contact R & MA Stewarts on 020 7274 0015.