Our Offer to Homeowners

Homeowners Offer

Our Offer to Homeowners

We aim to provide a highly responsive and customer focussed service to all our homeowners. We will provide you with a service that is consistent with our vision and values. Just as you have agreed to certain rules in your lease, we hold ourselves to a service standard that you can expect from us.

The following standards explain the level of service you can expect to receive from Wandle.

Who we are

Founded in 1967 as the Merton Family Housing Trust, we have grown into an organisation with over 7,300 homes across nine south London boroughs.

We are a provider of homes for rent (social and affordable), shared ownership, outright sale and supported housing. We also have a small portfolio of commercial properties and garages.

We want to be a good landlord and contribute to building strong communities in the area we work.

Our purpose

Supporting people, across south London, who need a home.

Our vision

Homes to be proud of and services you can trust.

Our values

Our values are the core principles we operate on, and hold ourselves accountable to

  • Aim high
  • Own it
  • Think customer
  • Work together
  • Build relationships

Our promises to you

When you become a homeowner

We will

  • Provide you with a Welcome Pack when you move in.
  • Contact you when you receive your first yearly service charge bill to make sure you understand it and to answer any questions you may have.
  • Provide you with digital homeowner newsletter at least twice a year which gives you useful and relevant information about being a homeowner.
  • Ensure our website provides you with useful information you need to know about being a homeowner at Wandle.

Service Charges

We will

  • Provide you with quarterly statements showing your account balance.
  • Make sure you receive clear information concerning your service charges and your rights and responsibilities as a homeowner.
  • Provide you with audited accounts for your service charges each year (unless you live in a building with 4 or less dwellings). Our accounts will clearly explain the elements that make up your service charge.
  • If there is a higher than expected increase in your annual service charge, we will tell you why this has happened.
  • Upon request provide you with copies of the invoices and accounts which make up your annual service charges, six months after the year end or within one month of your request, whichever is later.  We can send you these documents electronically or if wished, you may come into our offices to inspect.
  • Offer you a wide range of payment methods for paying your service charges (and rent, if applicable).
  • Provide money and welfare benefit advice as well as guidance on service charge arrears.
  • Suggest where you can obtain help and advice from outside organisations, if we are unable to assist.
  • Offer prompt refunds when there is a credit balance on your account

Day to Day Communication

We will

  • Check our dedicated leaseholdteam@wandle.com inbox every day, and action any urgent emails immediately.
  •   Respond to all correspondence within 10 working days or sooner (if possible).
  • Respond to emails within 10 working days or sooner (if possible)
  • Update you by email or phone when we need more time to respond 
  • If you contact us by telephone we will aim to ring you back the same day or within 24 hours   

Consultation and Involvement

We will

  • Consult you before any major changes are made to services that affect you.
  • Formally consult with you i.e.  carry out Section 20 Consultation with homeowners before carrying out any  repair/renewal works that require you to contribute more than £250 or when we are proposing to enter into a long term agreement of more than 12 months and where the costs is likely to exceed more than £100 per homeowner per annum.
  • Ask for your feedback on our regular Estate Walkabouts.
  • We will listen to what you have to say about our services and respond to any problems, queries or dissatisfaction you may have.
  • Involve you in the decisions we make, listen to your suggestions, and feedback on the changes we have made to our services as a result.
  • Always try and give you some choice when we are doing any improvement or redecorations works to your building, for example, finishes and colour schemes.
  • Inform you of the different ways you can get involved in making decisions that will affect the management of your building or estate.
  • Our Homeowners Forum is open to all homeowners and we will use the forum to inform you about any new initiatives and you can help to shape our service by giving us your ideas and feedback.   

When things go wrong

We will

  • Listen to what you have to say and learn from your complaint and other feedback.
  • We will investigate all complaints fairly and in accordance with our complaints procedure, keeping you informed at all stages of the process. Where possible, we will aim to find a resolution to your complaint within 10 working days
  • Aim to respond to and resolve any service charge dispute you may have within 12 weeks (sooner if possible).
  • Apply a reduction in our yearly management fee when we accept that there has been throughout the year poor service delivery or a prolonged service failure.
  • Apply a credit adjustment to your account within 10 working days of making our decision, when we accept that there has been an error made to your service charges, or correct your account within a month, if the adjustment applies to more than one property/building.

Neighbourhood Management

We will

  • Make sure we involve residents when we inspect our estates
  • Ask for your views, and take them into consideration before making any changes to our cleaning or grounds maintenance contracts
  • Ensure you have a dedicated point of contact for any enquiries regarding your block. For blocks that are 100% homeownership, this will be your  Homeownership Officer, who will deal with your lease enquiries, as well as dealing with enquiries relating to your block – for example, cleaning, fob keys, communal repairs and ASB.  

When your building is owned by a private freeholder

We will  

  • Work closely with the freeholder or managing agent, to ensure that all repairs and services are being carried out in accordance with the Head Lease and our management agreement.
  • Forward any enquiries you have which need to be answered by the freeholder of management agent within 24 hours if urgent or within three working days if not urgent.
  • Scrutinise all our management agent accounts budgets, as well as actual demands, in order to make sure the costs are reasonable, have been billed within the statutory time limits and are for quality services received
  • Always send you a copy of the management agent’s budgets and audited accounts as part of your Actual Service Charge bill.
  • Provide you with the address of  the freeholder or managing agent should you wish to inspect their invoices
  • Take robust action where we have cause for concern about any of our managing agents, - to ensure costs and services are delivered and maintained to our high service standards.
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