Installing new kitchens and bathrooms

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We want to make sure you get the best homes and services from Wandle. Every year, we re-invest the rent money we collect to repair, maintain and improve homes - including fitting new, modern kitchens and bathrooms.

We understand that having work carried out in your home can cause you disruption. Taking out old kitchens and bathrooms, electrical work, plastering, plumbing and joinery will be noisy and messy at times. We also understand that it might not be possible to be as relaxed at home as normal when contractors are there to make improvements. We want to make sure you’re fully informed at every stage, and that you have all the details you need.

We’ll do everything we can to make sure work to improve your home goes as smoothly as possible, and we hope that the work won’t cause you too much disruption. When it’s complete and you’re enjoying your new, modern kitchen and bathroom, we hope that you’ll agree that any disruption was worth it.

From telling you about the work, until you’re enjoying your new room, we will listen to you and consider your needs as we work to improve your home.

Showing respect

Providing quality

Giving you choice

  • We understand that having work done in your home can be difficult. We’ll respect your home and belongings by keeping them safe and clean.

  • We’ll update your kitchen and bathroom with high quality, modern and stylish replacements and decorate your rooms to a quality standard.

  • Select your colours and finishes from a range of choices to get the improvements that suit you.

  • We understand that having work done in your home can be difficult. We’ll respect your home and belongings by keeping them safe and clean.

  • We work closely with our contractor to make sure the work they do in your home is high quality, and that they give you great customer service until the job is done.

  • Let us know what’s most convenient for you. You can choose to be at home and see what’s happening, or to leave your property while work is done and leave it all to us.

  • We’ll respect your individual needs and lifestyle and take these into consideration when planning the work.

  • We’ll provide excellent service throughout the installation, always letting you know what will happen and when.

  • Tell us if you think installation would cause you a problem or be difficult.

  • We respect that you need to be kept informed about what’s happening as work is planned and while improvements are taking place.

  • We check all the work to make sure it’s been done right.
  • We can work with you to choose a date that’s suitable.

Before work starts

Our contactor will make an appointment to visit you at home at a time that’s convenient for you. They will measure your kitchen or bathroom and show you a plan of exactly how your new room will look.

You can style your kitchen or bathroom by choosing the finishes from a range we offer. For kitchens you can choose the units, worktops, tiles, flooring and wall colour. In the bathroom, you can choose your flooring and wall colour.

Our contractor will check with you whether there are any dates that would be a problem. They will let you know at least two weeks before any work starts in your home.

Preparing for the work

Before work starts you will need to remove all furniture and belongings from your kitchen and bathroom.

  • Empty the kitchen cupboards and clear all worktops.

  • Take out all your appliances, like kettle, toaster and microwave.

  • Take down anything on the walls like, pictures, mirrors, clocks, bathroom cabinet and toilet roll holder.

  • Take down curtains, curtain rails and blinds.

  • Keep just the basics in your fridge and freezer as your electricity might need to be switched off from time-to-time.  

If it will be difficult for you to prepare your home for the work please let us know. We may be able to help you do this.

Things we ask you to do

  • Please make sure the contractors have access to your home on the dates we agree.

  • Our contractors will be polite and respectful to you and we ask that you treat them the same way.

  • If you have pets, please keep them in one room while work is being done.

  • If children under 16 live with you, please don’t leave them on their own. An adult must be there if children are at home while work is being done.

  • Please remove valuable and fragile items to avoid accidental damage.

What we’ll do to keep disruption to a minimum

Providing you with a great new kitchen or bathroom can cause a lot of disruption – as well as noise and mess. We’ll do everything we can to keep these to a minimum.

Looking after your home and belongings Telling you what’s happening Keeping things clean and tidy
  • Wandle staff and contractors carry ID and will show it to you if you ask them.

  • We’ll tell you who will be working in your home each day until work is finished.

  • The contactor will use clean dustsheets to protect your home from dirt and dust.

  • We’ll ask you if you want to be at home when work is done, or if you are happy for contractors to have a key to your home.

  • You will always be told in advance if electricity needs to be turned off for a while.

  • They will put down carpet protectors to keep your flooring clean.

  • Contractors will always keep your keys safe and take care to lock up when leaving.

  • You won’t be left without bathroom facilities overnight.

  • They will clean up at the end of every day.

  • Contractors will always take care and treat your home and belongings with care and respect.

  • You will have a cooker and temporary kitchen sink to use at the end of every day.

  • Work can be very messy but we will do our best to keep your home clean.

Keeping you up-to-date

The contractor will be your main point of contact during the work. They will give you details for keeping in touch with a member of their staff before work starts. If you have any questions about having your new kitchen or bathroom installed, please contact the contractor. They will also help you with any problems and issues during the work.

You can still contact us if you have a problem that you feel the contractor hasn’t dealt with. Get in touch with your Customer Relationship Officer by calling 020 8682 1177.

You can also speak to your Customer Relationship Officer about help packing, and to tell us about any other issues that may make working in your home a problem.