1  Got an idea – get in touch!
2 Attend one of our self employment workshops and find out more about the opportunities available. More info coming soon. 
3 Work with our Enterprise Community Investment Officer to complete the loan application form. 
4 You’ll then be contacted by a member of our team to arrange and conduct a financial viability check. This will help you understand how the loan will impact any financial assistance you currently receive and to ensure the monthly repayment schedule is affordable. 
5 You’ll then be contacted by your mentor from the London Small Business Centre. They’ll talk through your plans in greater detail, help you develop or produce a business plan and help you prepare for the loan. 
6 Over the next 18 months you will have regular communication with your mentor as they help you develop and grow your business through one-to-one mentoring sessions. 
7 Keep in touch with Wandle too! We’ll be arranging regular training sessions, workshops and networking events to help you learn more about business, enhance your skills and share ideas and advice about  running a business with other residents. 
8 Next Steps – we want to help residents with every stage of their business, let us know how we can help  your business grow. 
9 The money and interest you repay is then reinvested in the scheme to provide more residents with opportunities to launch and grow their own businesses. Sign up to become a Wandle Business Champion and help inspire and support our next wave of resident entrepreneurs! 
Should you find yourself in the position to pay off more or the entire loan early you can do so at no additional cost. We hope you won’t, but if you find you’re struggling to meet the payments, please do let us know. We’ll work with the LSBC to help you manage your repayments.