Momentum 2015

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On 29 October 2015, Elevating Success UK, along with a number of partners, will be hosting the Momentum 2015 Youth Conference. This event is targeted at 10 to 19-year-olds and seeks to raise career aspirations, promote well-being and teach skills that promote successful outcomes in education, career goals or relationships.

If you would like to be part of the Momentum 2015 Youth Conference, tickets can be booked online at or by downloading the new Momentum 2015 app, available on iPhone and Android.

Even if you've already booked tickets, download the Momentum 2015 App to take part in the Photo Hunt competition taking place at Momentum 2015. The winner will get a brand new iPad Mini.

The event will be fun-filled with over 50 stalls offering a wealth of information relevant to young people, as well as a carefully selected series of workshops throughout the morning timetable from 10am to 1pm. This will be followed by a free lunch and the afternoon session, consisting of live performances by a mix of professional and local talent.

A highlight will be the presentation of the Community Achievement Awards by the Mayor of Croydon, Patricia Hay-Justice, with the event co-hosted by Remel London and Kae Kurd. We will also have a number of guest speakers and positive role models for the young people in attendance.
If you work with young people and would like to promote the event, please email to ask for flyers.