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Is your school up for it?

We live in an exciting age. Each day new products are launched that not only change the way we live here and now, but the future too.

Self-driving cars and robots will be available within a decade and who would have thought five years ago that smart homes and smart motorways would become the norm.

But who is behind these developments? Who invents, designs and builds these products?

It’s all down to professional engineers. These men and women are behind some of the most impactful inventions in recent years, they have a lot to answer to and their jobs are exciting and fulfilling!

But, there aren’t enough engineers in the UK to cope with the demands of the future. So, we’ve teamed up with Primary Engineer to help to show children just how exciting and fulfilling a career in engineering can be.

The “if you were an engineer, what would you do?” competition asks primary and secondary pupils between the ages of 3 and 19 to think about an invention that would change their world. It’s been running for over five years and has captured the imagination of 1000,s of children around the country with designs being selected and made by teams of engineers!

Wandle residents can get more information and suggest their children’s school to take part now. So, if your children are at a school in south London let us know the names of the school by emailing or texting “Engineer SCHOOL NAME AND LOCATION” to 07961 794 794, and we’ll make sure we get in touch with the school to offer this opportunity.

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