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Managing your rent payments over Christmas

We are here to help- put your bills and your rent first this Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and for many that comes with added financial pressures. We understand how difficult it can be to juggle the cost of presents, entertainment and food in the upcoming months, but it is important that rent payments continue to be made. Get the New Year off to a good start by making sure you don’t miss any payments and keep your account free from debt.

If you work and receive Universal Credit, you may find that you are paid early in December. This could mean that you receive more money than usual within your monthly assessment period, affecting your Universal Credit payments. To help you manage your finances over this period, use Entitledto’s budgeting tools. If there are any changes to your circumstances that may also affect your entitlement, please make sure that you update all relevant authorities, such as the Department of Work and Pensions and the Housing Benefit department.

Wandle wants to make sure you are able to enjoy yourself over Christmas free from financial worries and we are always here to help.

Make life easier for yourself this Christmas:

  • Put your rent and your bills first
  • Get help- we have a dedicated team of Income Officers and Welfare Advisers on hand to provide you with support and advice. Don’t hesitate to speak to us, the sooner we know about an issue, the sooner we can help. Visit our financial advice pages for more information.
  • Make sure all your priority bills are being paid (rent, water, electricity, gas and council tax). It is a condition of your tenancy that your rent is paid in advance and in full at all times. The best way to pay your rent is by standing order from your bank account.
  • Stick to a Christmas budget and plan ahead. It may be tempting to overspend at Christmas, but make sure essential payments come first.
  • Seek advice. Your Income Officer can help provide advice on paying rent arrears. Contact your Income Officer. If you would prefer to speak to someone outside of Wandle, there are also a number of organisations that are able to provide help and advice if you are struggling financially. This includes your Local Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), Citizens Advice Website, National Debt Line and Money Advice Service.

Remember, if you’re struggling to pay your rent, need advice about benefits, or want to get back to work- we can help.

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