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MyWandle – our services at your fingertips

MyWandle: Accessible, convenient, secure and easy to use

MyWandle is the new convenient, easy and secure way for you to access our services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


The first services that are available on MyWandle are:

•           Reporting and managing tracking antisocial behaviour cases

•           Making and tracking a complaint

•           Reporting fraud

In time, you will be able to access a full range of services including reporting a repair, booking a repair appointment, paying your rent and tracking your account.   Our plan was to launch the whole of MyWandle when all our systems are in place later this year.  One of the effects of Covid-19 is more calls to our customer care contact centre so we have decided to release now the parts of the system that are already ready.  This should help us to provide a swifter service to you, reduce the number of calls and save you time.

If you use the existing MyWandle for rent statements, please continue to do so for the time being. 

Registering & logging-in is simple

Registering to use MyWandle couldn’t be easier.  If you contact us to say you want to register, we will send you an email, or if we do not have an email address for you, a text message, containing a link to MyWandle.  Simply click the link and off you go….

While you are there…

Also available on your MyWandle account is news and information that is relevant to where you live and the type of home you live in.  We hope that you will find this news and information source helpful and interesting.  Examples of news might include information on planned works to your block or roadworks the Council is planning that could affect your route to work or school.  The useful information section will cover items such as how to bleed a radiator or help with budgeting.

I want to know more

We've made a series of videos explaining how the new services work, and you can view them all here:

  1. Claiming your account, registering and logging in
  2. Raising an ASB case, and checking progress 
  3. Raising a complaint, and checking progress
  4. Updating your personal details, and setting up a friends and family user to manage your account

If you've got further questions - please get in touch to let us know, and we'll be able to help.

If you'd like to register for your new MyWandle account - let us know, and we'll send you an invitation.

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