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National Employability Day 2018

Paul and Fitness First presenting Leona with her certificate

We have long realised that our responsibility to our residents goes much further than just providing affordable accommodation. To truly make a difference to our resident’s lives it is crucial that we also provide a range of services that improve our resident’s economic stability, self-reliance, confidence and overall health and wellbeing.

With a dedicated team of Employment Support Advisors and range of training courses, delivered through partner organisations, we ensure that we have something for everyone, be it a resident looking for their first job, to gain a better paid role or set up their own business.

Meet Leona

Leona is educated to degree level and had contacted Wandle in early March 2018 to express an interest in joining a personal training course for residents. This course, funded by Wandle, and delivered by our partner Fitness Focus, aimed to get learners fully trained to become qualified Level 3 Personal Trainers.
Initially, Leona wanted to do the course to give moral support to a close friend who had expressed their desire to gain the qualification for career opportunities within the fitness industry. Whereas, Leona will use this qualification within education and the health & wellbeing sector.

Leona successfully completed the 8 week course in May 2018 and recently received her certificate.  Since then, she has gone on to study both a business start-up course and a qualification in assessing vocational achievement, both funded by Wandle.

Moving forward, Leona is currently working on her own business idea and will be using these new qualifications gained to enhance her credentials.

Leona says

"I have a teaching qualification and have various professional qualifications in the education; youth and community sectors, I found the L3 Personal Trainer course fascinating. It was amazing to learn all about anatomy and physiology; nutrition; and principals of fitness exercise and health in a short period of time. I took on the course with the right mindset from the set go and refused to be daunted by the practical exams. In fact, I had done exceptionally well in all the practical and theory exams.

"As for the assessor course, it allows me to shift from my role as a tutor to a role where I can ensure vocational learners have quality knowledge and understanding about their industry. This was a longing desire which Paul made possible and I was ecstatic when he confirmed everything can go ahead (I honestly can't thank him enough).

"I am extremely proud of myself for these accomplishments and I will forever be grateful to Wandle for giving me these developmental opportunities and for contributing most generously to my success.

"I would definitely say that Paul and his excellent team at Wandle has outstandingly raised the bar."


Here are just some of the support programmes we currently offer:

  • Love London Working – Wandle is a delivery partner of this pan London employment support programme, funded by the EU and GLA. With 2 dedicated employment support advisors this programme seeks to support anyone currently not working in to employment by providing career advice, jobs coaching and development support.
  • Mobile Jobs Bus – This Wandle funded programme operates across South London and utilises a fully modified double decker bus to carry out job search support and outreach in our communities. Last year this service engaged with more than 985 job seekers and supported 50 in to employment!
  • Job specific training courses – We have partnered with several training providers to deliver tailored job specific training courses to help residents to gain employment in key industries including: Security, Construction, Personal Training and Digital Inclusion. Some of these courses include full Level 2 and 3 qualifications and guaranteed interviews and job opportunities with employers upon passing.
  • Business Start-up Support – Wandle funds and offers both online and face to face business start-up courses designed to help residents and wider community members put their exciting business ideas in to practice. These courses are designed to support new business owners with every aspect of business start-up including accounting, marketing, customer service and budgeting. In 2017 /18 these programmes support 22 new business start-ups!

Find out more, and get involved here.