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Our Innovation Lab is OPEN!

We are at the beginning of a transformation project, that will change the way we store and hold information, communicate with staff, tenants, leaseholders and shared owners, and process requests and actions.

The Innovation Lab is open to any customer, resident or interested party who wants to feedback and collaborate on any element of this - whether it's a specific process (at the moment we're working on ASB, fraud, complaints, and property and tenancy migration), the way we communicate in general, or how you want our customer portal (currently MyWandle) to look and feel.

This group is not an avenue to resolve individual complaints, but we are keen to hear all opinions to make sure that our end products offer the best customer service possible.

We promise to be open and transparent about developments and testing, and to use all feedback to inform decisions.

If you know a resident or customer that would be interested in joining in, or you want to get involved, just email communications@wandle.com to join our online forum.

sign up to our Innovation Lab by clicking here