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New repairs system

Things are changing here at Wandle, we are going live with the second phase of our new reporting system. Whilst we are getting used to using it, you might find it takes us a bit longer to answer your call and log your repairs and our WebChat may be offline as we deal with demand.

We are sorry about this, please be patient, you’ll soon see the benefits of the new system.

From Thursday 21 November, all staff will be able to log jobs for you, including when on site. Photographs and notes can also be added to jobs, so please send in any media you may have that can help us assess the situation. In addition to this, we want to act on your feedback. There will be the opportunity for you to complete a survey for every repair job that we carry out. If you give us a rating of lower than two stars, you may receive a call back to discuss what we can do to make our service better.

If you would like to find out more about what we are doing to improve services, including our new online offer, please send us an email to join the Innovation Lab. 

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