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Stamping out tenancy fraud

Wandle exists to support people across south London who need a home. It’s really important to us that our homes are lived in by people who really need them, and so we’re really pleased to announce our new partnership with Oxford City Council’s award winning Fraud Investigation Team.

Fraud Investigators from Oxford City Council will be working with us to prevent tenancy fraud, investigating irregularities and tip offs, and making sure that anyone using their home illegally is taken to court.

In 2017/18 the Investigation Team saved Oxford City Council £3.5 million, recovered 11 social housing properties that were in the hands of non-authorised occupants, prevented 27 false or irregular applications for housing from progressing, and sifted out 33 fraudulent right-to-buy applications.

If you are a tenant in a Wandle home, it should be your only or principal home, and you cannot sublet the property to someone else.

Things that might mean a home is being used illegally include:

  • someone not using their property as their only and principal home,
  • a property being abandoned and left empty,
  • unfamiliar individuals making visits to the address,
  • furniture or large bags frequently being taken in or out
  • groups of people using the address in an unsocial manner – for example loud music, late night parties, drug use etc.

You can report any suspicions of people subletting their home to

Wandle Chat Assistant