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Wandle – Regulatory Notice

Wandle self-referred to the regulator following discovery of an historic issue meaning it did not comply with the requirements of the Welfare Reform and Work Act 2016.  The issue was uncovered by Wandle while dealing with a query  arising from the Regulator in respect of its Statistical Data Return submission.

We identified that we made some errors in the adoption of rent reduction regime which began in 2016.  These errors were identified in late 2019, and rents were all corrected from April 2020. All overcharges have now been returned, with credits applied to customer accounts and refunds processed where they have been requested.  We have refunded the majority of overpayments to our partners and are working with them on the remaining cases to process these as quickly as possible.

Wandle Chief Executive, Tracey Lees, commented: “I am sorry that we failed to fully comply with the requirements of the Welfare Reform and Work Act 2016, and apologise to affected tenants and our local authority partners for the errors. We have been working hard with external advisors to establish how and why the mistakes happened, and putting in place safeguards and improvements to procedures to make sure they do not happen again.”

You can read the Regulatory Notice on the Regulator's website here.

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