Pest Control

Pest Control Guidance

Pest Control Guidance

When are residents responsible for dealing with pests?

It is your responsibility to treat and remove pests in your home. Many local councils have pest control programmes which may be able to offer help, please be aware that a fee may be charged for this service.

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When is Wandle responsible for dealing with pests?

We are responsible when there is an infestation affecting several homes, where there are pests in communal areas and where any infestations are caused by a failure of Wandle to meet its repairs and maintenance obligations.

Pest Control Booklet

We have produced a booklet giving an overview of common pests, things to look out for and how suggestions for how to resolve any issues arising from pests.


Link to the pest control booklet: Wandle_pest_control_4pp_A5_flyer_2019_HR.pdf [pdf] 2MB





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