Recycling at home

Recycling around your home


Key Facts

If everyone in the UK recycled one toothpaste box, it would save enough energy to run a fridge in 2,000 homes for a year.
If one aluminium air freshener aerosol can was recycled by everyone in the UK, enough energy could be saved to vacuum over 870,000 homes for a year.
If everyone in the UK recycled one aluminium deodorant aerosol, enough energy could be saved to vacuum over 480,000 homes for a year.
Plastic bottles can be recycled into footy shirts, fleeces and new plastic bottles.
It takes 7 days for a recycled newspaper to come back again as newspaper.
Paper and card can come back as loft insulation.
Cans and tins can come back as car parts, aeroplane wings and new cans.
Drinks cans from around the home are recycled into new cans which can be back on the shelves in just 8 weeks.

Top Tips

Put a bag or bin in your bathroom just for recycling.
Remember to recycle baby products such as plastic talcum powder bottles and men’s toiletries like shaving gel aerosols.
Rinse all bottles and put in your recycling bin.
Remember to remove and put trigger spray and pump dispenser tops can't be recycled.
Squash cans and bottles and flatten boxes to save space in your recycling bin.
Rinse your plastic bottles, food containers, trays and cartons in your washing-up water before recycling.
Have a bin or box in your kitchen for recyclable items.
Recycle all newspapers and envelopes from your living room.
Put a bin in your bedroom for recycling magazines and tissue boxes.
Cardboard packaging from online orders can be recycled.
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