Resident Support Service

At Wandle, we are committed to providing an excellent service to our customers. We understand that life is not always perfect, and this is why we have the Resident Support Service.

The Resident Support Service is there to help customers in times of need, which may be periods of financial hardship, stress or other life changes. We have links with many services in each of our boroughs.

We are able to provide advice about services that may best suit your situation, and pride ourselves on impeccable customer service. We aim to provide help with any problems that our residents face.

What is the Resident Support Service?

  • Short term support for help with finances, health or housing.
  • Provide links to services in the local community
  • Short term intervention for help with health problems

Good links with:

  • Social Services
  • Mental Health Teams
  • Financial Services
  • Housing Benefit Claims
  • Health services
  • Charities
  • Work opportunities

If you feel that you could benefit with some support, then please feel free to email the resident support team at