Residents' Charter

Residents' Charter

Our service promise to you.
We want to make sure you get the best experience as a Wandle resident, and we are dedicated to providing excellent services which are shaped by you.
Our Residents’ Charter sets out how we deliver these services. We will let you know how we are keeping these promises by giving feedback to residents’ groups and reporting on our performance.
We promise to:

Communicate clearly and effectively

Using plain language, avoiding jargon and abbreviations. We will explain the meaning of any technical terms.
Letting you know when we might need to access your home, or when work in shared areas might affect you.
Call you back within 48 hours. If you email us, we'll get back to you within three working days.
Offering extra support to residents who have specific communication needs.

Get things right first time and resolve problems quickly and efficiently

Focusing on fixing your problems and responding to any complaint. If the issue is complicated we will tell you how long it will take to resolve and keep you posted as to how we’re getting on.
Organising visits and appointments at times that are convenient to you.

Treat you and your home with respect

Being polite and treating you with respect, and asking you to treat us the same way.
Telling you our names and showing you ID when we meet you.
Treating the information you tell us about yourself with respect and confidentiality.

Use what we learn to improve

Asking you regularly how happy you are with our services and using your feedback to improve services.
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