Saving energy

Tips to help you save energy and money

Switch it off ! 

Switch off the lights when you leave a room , burning electricity when you don’t need it adds to your fuel bills. Turning off the lights when you leave a room can save £10 on your annual electricity bill.  
Switch off your appliances when not in use – almost all electrical and electronic appliances can safely be turned off at the plug without upsetting their systems. Some satellite and digital TV recorders may need to be left plugged in so they can keep track of any programmes you want to record, but check the instructions on any appliances you aren’t sure about.
A typical household can save around £30 a year just by remembering to turn off appliances left on standby and those left on but not in use.

Careful in the kitchen

You can save over £45 a year just by using your kitchen appliances more carefully: 
  • Set your washing machine to wash at 30°C – saves £6
  • Use a bowl to wash up rather than leaving the hot tap running – saves £32
  • Don’t fill your kettle to the top  every time, only boil the amount of water you need – saves £7 


Make savings by using the controls on your heating, turning down your thermostat by just one degree, if it’s too warm inside, can save between £85 to £90.

Loft insulation

If you live in a house or flat on a top floor with a loft space above the loft insulation will help to stop heat escaping from your home. Topping up the insulation from 120mm to at  least 270mm (ten inches) could  save you  around £15 a year.
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