What does each service include?

This information applies to homeowners. If you are looking for information for tenants, please go here.

A break down of costs is included in your Service Charge statement. Here we've detailed what they mean:

Cleaning (previously listed as Internal Cleaning)

The internal cleaning of your building, including the stairs, landings, lobby areas and bin chutes. It can also include the cleaning of external areas such as sweeping and litter picking.

Grounds Maintenance (previously listed as External Cleaning)

The grounds maintenance of the external communal areas relating to your property. This includes the cost of maintaining any communal green spaces, shrubs and plant beds.

Window Cleaning (communal)

The communal window cleaning of your building.


The cost of supplying electricity for lifts, communal lighting, door entry systems and any external lighting.

Gas (Heating)

The supply of gas for communal heating purposes.


The charge for the supply of communal water for cleaning of bin stores, communal windows and grounds maintenance.

Fire Risk Assessment

The legally required Fire Risk Assessment of the communal parts of your building. This assessment is carried out at regular intervals, dependent on the size and makeup of the communal area of your building.

Fire Alarms / Equipment

The servicing and maintenance of any fire alarms, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and other H&S equipment located in the communal areas of your building.


The regular servicing and health and safety checks. This cost also includes any maintenance and repairs to your lifts.

Door Entry

The maintenance of the door entry systems provided to your building. This cost covers maintenance checks and minor repairs.

Gate Entry

The maintenance, repair and servicing of any communal gate systems provided to your estate.

Pest Control

The prevention and removal of pests in the internal and external communal areas of your building.

Tree Works

The cost of pruning and lopping of any trees located in the external communal areas of your building.

Health and Safety

The provision of any services relating to Health & Safety undertaken to your building or estate. For example this includes asbestos/mansafe related charges.

PAT Testing

The testing of any portable appliances or fixed wire testing in the communal areas of your building.

Water Hygiene

The testing of water supplies and storage tanks/systems in order to combat Legionella.

Water Pumps

The servicing and maintenance of any water pumps located at your building.

Bins/ Bulk Refuse

The costs associated with any bin hire and the removal of bulk refuse from the external communal areas of your building.

Communal Repairs

The responsive repairs undertaken to your building or estate. It does not include planned maintenance or capital works as these would be detailed separately and you would have been served a Section 20 Consultation Notice beforehand.

Third Party Managing Agent Fee

The cost from an external managing agent where the agent’s management includes full or partial responsibility for the provision of services to your building.

Building insurance premium

This relates to buildings where Wandle does not own the freehold. In some cases, Wandle may have partial responsibility to provide some services, for example internal cleaning and internal repairs. If this is the case, then these costs will be shown separately on your Actual Statement.
As the freeholder of your building we are required to insure your building. The premium covers repair and rebuild costs in the event of an insured event i.e. fire, escape of water or storm damage. In order to minimise the cost to you, we insure our entire stock under one policy (a blanket policy). Your buildings insurance charge is calculated on a number of factors including the re-instatement value of your property, number of bedrooms, location, and claims made. You can view the policy details and find out how to claim at wandle.com/insuring-your-home.
Where a managing agent is involved, the insurance costs will be included in your third party managing agent charge.

Audit fee

Every year we are required to have our service charges audited by an independent audit company, who will check that our accounts are in compliance with our financial requirements. An Audit Report is enclosed with your Actuals Letter for your reference.

Administration Fee

This covers Wandle’s administration and overhead costs in providing its services to you. The fee includes the costs of the Leasehold team as well as other teams that contribute to delivery of your services such as Customer Services, Repairs, Finance and the Neighbourhood team. The associated costs include salaries, building rental charges, IT equipment and software amongst others, a contribution towards the cost of serving notices, answering queries, invoicing and collecting service charges. The Administration fee for all properties is 18%. For properties which are 100% externally managed, the fee will be changing to 8% (in next year’s Actual Statement - 2018/19).

Sinking fund

This charge provides cover for future major works to your building such as cyclical decorations, roof and window replacement. The funds collected are held in an interest bearing account, with any interest accrued being added to your Sinking Fund balance each year.
We always statutorily consult residents by serving a Section 20 Notice when we intend to pay for works using your Sinking Fund. A Sinking Fund statement is provided with you Actual Statement.