Our Homeowners Improvement Plan 2019

Our Homeowners Improvement Plan 2019

We have considered your feedback and we acknowledge that we must improve in many areas, and understood that most of all, we must focus on the basics - fixing our repairs service and improving how we manage service charges to ensure they are transparent and represent value for money – as these are areas that you care deeply about. In addition, we should introduce appropriate standards for our customer service that underlies each interaction with customers.

All these areas closely relate to our new corporate five year plan launched recently and representing our transformation journey. As part of this plan, we’re going to carry out wide reviews of our repairs service and service charges as well as develop a new customer service strategy – all of which aim to create best possible outcomes for our customers. We have set clear key performance indicators to track our progress and ensure we’re improving.

You can read more about our journey here: http://strategy.wandle.com/

Please see below our improvement plan proposal which shows you what we are already doing to address some of the issues you reported in the STAR Survey as well as some things that we will start doing shortly.

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Improvements we are current working on and implementing:

  • We will write to all new homeowners (who bought a new Wandle home in last 18 months) to explain our service charges and the billing process
  • We will improve our existing FAQ on our website and provide more information about service charges to increase transparency
  • We will text you a few days before carrying out an estate inspection in your building so you can let us know in advance if there are any issues you would like us to look into
  • We will use Homeownership Forum as a new channel for informing homeowners about any new contracts we procure in the future
  • We will share next update on the Forum in early December to let you know whether we’ve introduced any changes to the plan and tell you how we are progressing

Your feedback really matters to us – if you have any thoughts, please don’t hesitate to email us at leaseholdteam@wandle.com

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