Service charge headings

Service charge headings

This information applies to tenants. If you are looking for information for shared-owners and leaseholders, please go here.

A break down of costs is included in your Service Charge statement. Here we've explained what they mean:


The cleaning and removal of litter from your building or estate, including the stairs, landings, lobby areas, lifts, internal communal windows and bin stores.

Grounds Maintenance

The grounds maintenance of the external communal areas relating to your building or estate. This includes the cost of maintaining any communal green spaces, shrubs, plant beds, and parking and hard standing areas.

External communal window cleaning

The external communal window cleaning of your building.


The cost of supplying electricity for lifts, communal lighting, door entry systems and any external lighting.

Gas (Heating)

The supply of gas for communal heating purposes.


The charge for the supply of communal water for cleaning of bin stores, communal windows and grounds maintenance.

Fire Risk Assessment

The legally required Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) of the communal parts of your building. FRAs are carried out at regular intervals. The cost varies between buildings, dependent on the type and level of assessment required.

Fire Alarms / Equipment

The servicing & maintenance of any fire alarms, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and other H&S equipment located in the communal areas of your building.

General Repairs

General repairs to the communal parts of your block or estate that are not excluded by Section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 (Please see page 2,  “Do I pay for all services?”)


The regular servicing and health and safety checks. This cost also includes any maintenance and repairs to your lifts.

Door Entry

The maintenance and repair of the door entry systems provided to your building.

Gate Entry

The maintenance, repair and servicing of any communal gate systems provided to your estate.

Pest Control

The prevention of and treatment for pests in the internal and external communal areas of your building or estate.

Tree Works

The cost of pruning and lopping of any trees located in the external communal areas of your building or estate.

Health & Safety

The provision of any services or works relating to Health & Safety undertaken to your building or estate.

PAT Testing

The testing of any portable appliances or fixed wire testing in the communal areas of your building.

Water Hygiene

The testing of water supplies and storage tanks/systems in order to combat Legionella.

Water Pumps

The servicing and maintenance of any water pumps located at your building or estate.

Bin Hire

The costs associated with any bin hire arrangements.

Bulk Refuse

This covers the removal of bulk refuse and fly tipping from your building or estate.

Third Party Managing Agent Fee

Where an external managing agent is responsible for full or partial provision of services or works to your building or estate, these costs will be listed under this heading.


Charges made for the replacement of any capital items or for installing a new capital item which is not paid for in the rent. This could include for example, the replacement of a lift. The depreciation costs is then spread over a number of years (the lifecycle of that item).

Through depreciation you payback a small amount each week towards the cost of the repair or replacement of expensive capital items.

Depreciation does not cover any major structural or exterior works such as new windows or a new roof as the replacement costs of such items is included within your rent payments.  

Administration Fee

This covers Wandle’s administration and overhead costs in providing its services to you. The fee includes for example the costs of the Neighbourhood team and other teams that contribute to the delivery of services to your building or estate, such as Customer Services, Repairs and Finance. The administration fee is currently 18% of your service charge.

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