What is a complaint?

What is a complaint?

Any expression of dissatisfaction, however made, affecting an individual customer or group of customers relating to:  

  • the standard of the services provided by us or those acting on our behalf  

  • the actions, or lack of action by us or those acting on our behalf 


There are times when we will not accept a complaint, these include: 

  • If we have not previously been made aware of an issue and given the opportunity to put things right. In these cases, the appropriate relevant policy will be followed to allow for early resolution of concerns. 

  • If there is a more suitable alternative process available to resolve concerns raised more effectively and efficiently (for example - service charge queries, anti-social behaviour reports or insurance claims). Complaints will be accepted where we have failed to follow these processes. 

  • If the same issues have already been raised by the customer, and have already been considered through our complaints process 

  • If the issue giving rise to the complaint occurred over six months ago, however we will consider older reports of relevant issues as background to complaints if necessary, and will consider older concerns when responding to safeguarding or health and safety concerns. 

  • If the complaint relates specifically to an approved Wandle policy; however, we will accept complaints about how a policy has been applied. 

  • If legal proceedings have been started relating to the same concern.  

  • If a court, tribunal or Ombudsman has already considered the matter, or 

  • If access to our complaints process has been restricted in line with our Excessive Use and Unreasonable Behaviour Policy (see section 2.5 of our complaint policy) 

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