Estate improvement fund

Wandle’s estate improvement fund was set up in June 2020 to deliver much needed works to our estates.

Many of the projects have been hugely welcomed by residents, and it has delivered
a valuable improvement to their local communities.

Below are some examples of how the estate improvement fund has had a positive impact.

Thalia Court
The recessed area directly outside the bin chamber doors at Thalia Court was being
Used as a dumping ground for local shop keepers and passers-by.

This meant that the bin chamber doors were often blocked with refuse, and residents
were unable to get into the bin chamber which was creating an unsightly and
unhygienic mess.

For years, bulk refuse collections were arranged every week, often twice a week to
continuously remove the piles of rubbish mounting in this location. This was
incredibly costly and time consuming. And only resolving the issue for the short term.

The estate improvement budget was able to fund works to remove the recessed area
for dumping refuse.

The final costs for the work works were £20k, and they have added enormous value
to the quality of life of Thalia residents as well reduce bulk refuse collection costs.

Belville Close
Belville Close residents requested a review of the parking spaces arrangements on their estate.

They asked for the parking bay numbers to be altered, the line markings to be repainted as they were needed a fresh lick of paint, as well as additional visitor spaces.

The estate improvement fund helped resolve these issues, and create a more harmonious community.

One of the biggest challenges to the housing team in delivering these projects is the technical nature of the work. However, they are usually of huge importance to our residents and help create and maintain safe and secure communities.