Here you will find copies of our key resident policies.

Anti social behaviour policy

This policy describes our approach to dealing with anti-social behavior. See anti social behaviour policy.

Complaints policy

Our complaints policy sets out our approach to the complaint process, including what is considered a complaint, how to make a complaint and how we resolve complaints. See complaints policy.

Health & Safety policy

This policy outlines Wandle’s approach to health and safety and how we will ensure we keep you safe in your home. See health & safety policy.

Neighbourhood management policy

Our neighbourhood management policy outlines how we will manage the neighbourhoods we operate in order to promote safe and clean estates and blocks for our residents. See Neighbourhood management policy.

Repairs and maintenance policy

This policy outlines both Wandle’s and its resident’s responsibilities around repairs and maintenance in the home.  This policy outlines the agreed service standards and how we ensure your homes are kept in good repair. See repairs and maintenance policy.

Tenancy fraud policy

This policy describes our approach to tenancy fraud. See tenancy fraud policy.

Tenure policy

This policy describes the different types of tenure we offer. See tenure policy