Finding one family their forever home 

Wandle’s New Homes pilot supports residents to downsize into a new home that is more affordable and comfortable to manage.  

We recently supported a family who have been Wandle residents for over 35 years and were looking to downsize into a smaller property that would become their forever home.  

Mr and Mrs H*, along with their son, had been living in their home in Balham for a considerate length of time and in turn, had outgrown their home.  

Our wonderful Project Liaison Officer, Ange Lewis, worked with the family to find them a new home and found them a lovely two-bed flat in Battersea with a beautiful garden.  

At Wandle, we believe it is important our residents think of their new homes as an extension of themselves; therefore, they make the decisions about how their new homes’ will look and feel. The H* family decided how each room should be decorated and worked with our amazing contractors to choose their preferred kitchen and bathroom to suit their personal style.  

Mrs H* thanked everyone who was involved at Wandle, who made their move possible. She wanted to personally thank their Liaison Officer, Angie Lewis, who guided them throughout the process and answered any questions they had. As well as our outstanding contractors who worked tirelessly to make their new house their forever home.  

Mrs H* said: “The work done by our contractor Dan and his team was outstanding! The flat and garden are lovely. It’s a new start and our last move! Once again thank you!”.