Just in time for Christmas

Our Helping Hand Fund recently saved Christmas for two Wandle residents.

ST* is a full-time carer for her mother, as well as working part-time. The increase in living costs and only being eligible for partial housing benefit has left her struggling to afford her rent and council tax. The stress of this was further impacting her mental health being adversely affected.

During a scheduled home visit, a frontline member of staff noticed that her home lacked the basic essentials and there was also little food in the home. Fortunately, our resident support team fast-tracked her helping hand fund application to improve her situation in time for Christmas.

The funds awarded meant that she was then able to purchase a new cooker, mattress, storage boxes and several weeks’ worth of food to see her through the Christmas break.

ST said: “This is great news! I don’t think you realised how helpful these vouchers will be! Thank you, I am very happy and relieved” 

SM* is a 63-year-old Wandle resident who was recently released from the care of social services where they had spent two years due to a long-term mental health condition that required specialist support.

Our resident support team were regularly liaising heavily with SM’s partner and her social services support team to slowly move her back into her home. The team actioned an urgent HHF application so SM could purchase household goods as well as food and clothing.

In addition, vouchers were provided to allow SM to purchase a new cooker and kitchen appliances, a new bed, and bedding from Argos, as well as clothing and food from Sainsburys.

Both SM and her partner were very appreciative of the support our resident support team provided and the opportunity to make their house a home after a difficult couple of years.

Information about the Helping Hand Fund
The Helping Hand Fund is available to all Wandle residents who are financially struggling. It aims to support residents by providing vouchers for food and other household items from supermarkets, furniture, carpets, washing machines, essential white goods, and even technology as internet access is now essential for Universal Credit and other online services. Please note that the fund is not to be used to cover your rent.

Applications for the Helping Hand Fund are now open. You can apply by emailing helpinghandfund@wandle.com.