Moving on up

Wandle recently supported a resident in dire straits after the death of his mother.

Mr S. was living alone in a threebedroom townhouse in Rotherhite. He has complex learning challenges and suffers from anxiety, as well as experiencing social isolation. Until recently he had lived with his mother until death, which has made his problems more challenging.

Our neighbourhood community officer picked up the death of a tenant request and enquired about Mr S’s living situation and to see how he was coping. He soon realised that Mr S was struggling to maintain his tenancy and his mental health was not in a good place. It was agreed that he would be better suited to a smaller property, that would be easier to manage and a place where he could feel more secure.

Due to his complex needs, it was proving difficult to move him from a three-bedroom townhouse to a one-bedroom flat. It was important for the property to have no garden and only a shower that he could easily access. He was also insistent on remaining in the local area as he had a local support network he relied upon.

The team went above and beyond to work together to support the move to the new property. After time, the team were able to make Mr S’s. dreams a reality and found a one-bedroom flat opposite a park he walks in daily, only a stone’s throw from his old house.

Through Wandle’s Helping Hand Fund, our tenancy sustainment team organised and paid for removals, as well as a new carpet. Mr S.* has been overwhelmed by the support from Wandle and is delighted with his new home.

By working in this holistic way with residents, we now have a three-bedroom property available for a family that needs a home and is struggling to afford the open market, and Mr S has a tenancy and home of his own at the age of 69.

Information about the Helping Hand Fund
The Helping Hand Fund is available to all Wandle residents who are financially struggling. It aims to support residents by providing vouchers for food and other household items from supermarkets, furniture, carpets, washing machines, essential white goods, and even technology as internet access is now essential for Universal Credit and other online services. Please note that the fund is not to be used to cover your rent.

Applications for the Helping Hand Fund are now open. You can apply by emailing