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Changes to the way we manage allocations and transfers

From April 2018 we will no longer be operating Wandle’s choice based lettings system known as MyMoves.

Wandle is a small housing association with just over 7,000 homes spread across nine boroughs. Like most housing associations, we have agreements in place that mean when a property becomes empty it is given to the relevant local authority to offer to applicants on their housing list. This limits the number of homes available to you through MyWandle.

In June 2017, we asked residents for their thoughts on the current allocations policy. You told us waiting times were too long, too few properties were advertised and the system is not user friendly. We have used this feedback to shape our new allocations policy and our approach to transfers.

We are still finalising these changes and will announce the full details in the coming months.

If you are currently registered for a transfer through MyWandle, you will soon receive a letter with full details of the changes, how they will affect you, and what steps you need to take.


As a Wandle resident you are already registered for this service. If you have not accessed the service before you will need to contact us on 0300 2000 120. You will then be given your access details.

You can then Log on to My Wandle. Once you have logged in you will be able to:

  • look at and update your personal details (phone numbers etc)
  • look at your rent account