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New repairs system

Things are changing here at Wandle, we are going live with the second phase of our new reporting system. Whilst we are getting used to using it, you might find it takes us a bit longer to answer your call and log your repairs.

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Celebrating supported housing - A blog by Tracey Lees (CEO)

Starts At Home Day is a day when housing associations up and down the country celebrate supported housing and the positive impact it makes on thousands of lives. Starts At Home day takes place on Friday 30 August 2019. Follow the hashtag #StartsAtHome across social media to keep up with the day of action and check out our content on Twitter @WandleHA.

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Hello? Is That You?

It’s really important we have the right contact information for you, so if you’ve changed email or mobile number recently, please make sure you’ve let us know.

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Is your school up for it?

We live in an exciting age. Each day new products are launched that not only change the way we live here and now, but the future too. Self-driving cars and robots will be available within a decade and who would have thought five years ago that smart homes and smart motorways would become the norm. But who is behind these developments? Who invents, designs and builds these products?

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Key Amnesty

Today, we’re launching a six week key amnesty. If you are a tenant in a Wandle home, it should be your principal or only home, and you cannot sublet the property to someone else. If you no longer need your Wandle home, you can surrender your tenancy and return your keys to us, no questions asked. We won’t investigate any further.

After 30 September, we’ll be operating a zero tolerance approach. Anyone found guilty in court of illegally subletting their home, could face an unlimited fine and/or a prison sentence.

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