Resident Associations

Resident Associations are usually made up of a group of residents living in a neighbourhood that decide they want to get together to deal with concerns that affect their local community. The group can include tenants and homeowners. We can provide help and support to residents who wish to set up a formal Resident Association. Our help can include helping you to develop a constitution, promoting the association to other residents, set-up costs and annual grants.

What sort of things could I do if I am part of a Resident Association?

You could:

  • work with our staff to improve your local area
  • organise community events for your estate / block
  • apply for grants to fund your projects
  • organise and/ or attend meetings
  • vote on the changes that affect your estate / block.

What can I get out of it?

You can:

  • help to improve your local community
  • meet and work with your neighbours to improve services in your area
  • give your community a greater voice
  • work with local voluntary / community organizations to develop new initiatives.

What training or skills development is on offer?

  • chairing meetings
  • minutes taking
  • bookkeeping
  • event management
  • fundraising
  • community development. 

What should we do if we are interested?

To find out more about setting up a resident association in your area read our Resident Association Handbook (in Publications) and/or contact the customer empowerment team.