Working together

We are committed to putting residents at the heart of everything we do by encouraging you to scrutinise our services and help us improve our performance and customer satisfaction. There are several ways you can get involved to make a difference.

Customer experience committee

The customer experience committee is a committee of the Board. The committee is made up of Board members, and three appointed residents. The committee are responsible for the monitoring and implementation of customer focused strategic objectives, as well as the delivery of the Wandle service 0ffer to customers.

They are also responsible for ensuring the effective delivery of Wandle’s services to residents. This includes repairs of all types, disrepairs, building safety, lettings and allocations, resident involvement, neighbourhood management, and complaints.

Customer excellence panel

The customer excellence panel checks and monitors performance, compliance and satisfaction of key services. The feedback received from the panel will be fed to the board and senior management.

We are always keen to hear from residents who would like to join the customer excellence panel. If you would like to know more, please email

Neighbourhood/local engagement

It’s important for residents to be given the opportunity to engage in local decisions and feedback on the standard of their estate.

They will also help shape asset investment decisions, as well as community and environmental improvements.

Below are engagement methods that will help achieve this:

  • Neighbourhood Inspections:

Residentswill have the opportunity to engage with us about our estate service offering.  We will arrange for them to join their neighbourhood officers and others in the local community to identify how their neighbourhood can be improved.

We will also welcome councillors and key contractors to attend these sessions. Any action plans will be developed with residents and followed up with ‘You Said, We did’ communications.

  • Support for Community Groups/Resident Associations

We will support community groups, residents’ groups and social enterprises working in the areas where we have properties and can provide training, including signposting to training organisations and other support to help them become self-sufficient.

We will recognise registered residents’ groups which operate in areas where our residents live and involve several of our residents, including providing an annual grant to support them to meet and plan community activities.  

  • Steering Group

We will set up quarterly steering group meetings in key schemes to discuss local issues.

  • Local Conversations and Events

We will hold one-off events from time to time to address a local issue; if we need to promote a service in a particular area; or if we need to consult with residents on a specific topic.

  • Homeowners forum

We will foster a good relationship with our leaseholders through an online forum

  • Community Investment Initiatives

Utilising both external and internal data sources and expertise we will work to deliver localised programmes that are specifically targeted to meet the needs of residents.

We will also engage with residents via our digital platforms. We will create task and finish groups, surveys and consultations as and when required and build on our “feedback forum” list of actively engaged residents.

To find out more about how you can get involved with the various engagement opportunities we have on offer email

Local opportunities

Community cafe’s for the over 50’s

If you are over 50, you can attend the new community cafe at Darwin Court Rotherhithe every Wednesday from 11am- 2pm. You will be able to have a free hot meal and drink in their warm and cosy cafe.

Money management

Are you worried about how the cost of living crisis is impacting your personal finances and your wellbeing?

South Thames Colleges Group are offering a number of courses to help you improve your money management. Courses are free for eligible learners. For more information email

Cook and eat

Are you struggling to cook on a budget along with meeting your nutritional needs?

South Thames College is offering a ‘Cook & Eat’ programme to help you create healthy and affordable meals on a budget. For more information email