Purpose, vision and values

Purpose, Vision and Values

These core principles are weaved through everything we do - they guide our current work and future direction. They are the result of months of hard work and input from people across Wandle, as well as our residents and Board members.

Our purpose

Our purpose is the reason we exist, why we come to work everyday, and is at the forefront of our minds in all our work. 

  • Supporting people, across south London, who need a home. 


Our vision

Our vision is what we aspire to achieve, our ‘big picture’ statement.

  • Homes to be proud of and services you can trust.


Our values

Our values are the core principles we live by, statements we can hold ourselves and each other to account over.

  • Aim high - We are ambitious for ourselves and each other, and celebrate and share in success

  • Own it - We take individual and collective responsibility for our actions, and are honest when things don't go right

  • Think customer - We believe the experience of our customers is everything, and that will always be at the forefront of our minds

  • Work together - We share insight, knowledge and experience to improve the way we work

  • Build relationships - We recognise that every person is unique, and reflect this in the relationships we build


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