What is Wandle doing about asbestos? 

Asbestos was used extensively in the building industry up to the year 2000 before it was banned for general use.  Properly managed, asbestos poses no risk to health. 

We have a procedure for managing asbestos, which includes appointing independent consultants to inspect all our properties.  The survey will identify if there is any asbestos in your home, whether it presents any risk and make you aware of any appropriate action we need to take. 

If we arrange a survey, it may be that we want to update our records, or we are going to carry out improvement works to your home.   

You can book your survey for a time that suits you. To book, please contact Life Environmental on 0844 335 1281.  

What if I think I have asbestos in my home? 

It is very hard to identify asbestos, but if you think there may be some in your home:  

  • don’t panic. Leave asbestos alone – it’s safe unless it’s damaged or disturbed  
  • remember, asbestos-containing products can look very similar to those not containing asbestos  
  • never sand, drill or saw asbestos materials  
  • always seek professional advice before working on or around asbestos materials  
  • don’t try to remove asbestos lagging, spray coatings or insulation board yourself. These materials can only be safely removed by a licensed contractor  
  • contact our Customer Services Team if you would like more advice.