Pest control 

What are my responsibilities

It is your responsibility to treat and remove pests in your home. Many local councils have pest control programmes so they may be able to help.  They may charge for this service.   

What is Wandle responsible for? 

We are responsible when there is an infestation affecting several homes, where there are pests in communal areas and where any infestations are caused by our failure to meet our repairs and maintenance obligations. 

What can I do to prevent pests? 

Keep them out: Block up holes in the brickwork, roof, skirting boards and floorboards to prevent rats, mice and squirrels from getting into your home.  

Keep your home clean and free of rubbish: Regularly clean surfaces and floors to remove any traces of food. Where possible store food in sealed containers. Uncovered food can attract pests and vermin. Put rubbish out in sealed bags or bins. Always use a bird table when you feed garden birds. Putting bird food on the ground can attract rats and mice, as can putting cooked food in a compost heap.  

Remove bulky furniture: Do not leave old furniture, mattresses, or other rubbish in your garden. These make a great place for mice and rats to nest. 

Where can I get more information 

• British Pest Control Association:  

• The British Beekeepers Association (BBKA):  

• Rentokil Pest Control Advice:  

• Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA):