Helping hand fund

We recognise that many families are likely to be experiencing serious financial difficulties, especially during these very uncertain times. We want to do our part to help and to offer assistance where we can with the introduction of the Wandle Helping Hand Fund.

Who can apply?

Available to Wandle residents who are struggling financially the Helping Hand Fund, is an enhanced version of an existing assistance initiative that aims to support residents by providing: vouchers to buy food and other household items from supermarkets, furniture, essential white goods and technology.

The Helping Hand Fund is available to residents who are on very low incomes, or experiencing exceptional financial hardship. To be eligible, you must be a tenant or homeowner named on a tenancy or lease with us, and able to demonstrate that you need this support. We may ask you for details of your income and expenditure.

The Helping Hand Fund is also available to new tenants to support one-off costs when moving into your home.

The Helping Hand Fund cannot be used to pay your rent, or to pay off other debts, and you can only make one application a year.

How can I apply?

To find out more, or make an application, please contact You can also download the application form.

Real life stories

Ms S* has really struggled throughout the pandemic, and her situation has been exacerbated by anti-social behaviour making her feel like a prisoner in her own home. In addition, she was recently a victim of domestic abuse, making her scared to leave to walk to the supermarket.

She applied to the Helping Hand Fund as she desperately needed to purchase some household essentials. Her housing officer quickly processed the application and awarded her £600 in Argos vouchers and £200 in Sainsbury’s vouchers. She was then able to purchase a new bed frame, mattress, and bedding.

Since receiving the vouchers, she has been working with our housing team and local police to complete a property transfer so she can move to a new home and get her life back.

Ms S said: “Thank you so very much for your help with the vouchers I received for food and home furnishings. It is greatly appreciated by all. I have never received any help from anyone, so I am a little bewildered but extremely grateful for all you are doing on my behalf.”