Better days ahead

Our helping hand fund recently helped a resident who was struggling to manage her home after a difficult time.

CH* is a vulnerable resident who recently left an abusive relationship that impacted every corner of her life, and her children had been taken into care due to the volatile environment at home.

As a result, CH* found it challenging to maintain the upkeep of her property. It was decided that the best approach would be to decant her to a different property, whilst our maintenance team carried out much-needed repairs and redecorated.

The whole process took a few months, but the impact of having a safe and calm home has been immeasurable.

Our resident support team also used the helping hand fund to purchase a cooker, washing machine, and essential food items. This will go a long way in supporting CH* to settle in and move on with her life after a turbulent few years.

We don’t tolerate domestic abuse of any form, and there is more information about we can support you on the domestic abuse page on our website.