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We’re Wandle and we’re proud to support people across south London who need a home.

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It’s why we were formed in 1967, and why we exist today. Since then we have grown into an organisation with over 7,000 homes across nine south London boroughs and almost 200 staff.

Our plans for the future are as ambitious as ever as we look to build new homes and invest significantly in our existing properties, ensuring they are places our residents feel proud to call home.

A good quality, affordable home is the key to a successful and fulfilling life. That belief has been at the heart of our work for the past 55 years and it will continue to be so for the next 55.

Our history

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The Merton Family Housing Trust (Wandle’s original name) was formed by a group of local people who were concerned about homelessness and felt that is was possible to do something practical about it. They had a simple aim: “to provide homes for homeless families, regardless of colour, language, race, or creed”.

Nowadays, we face the greatest housing crisis since the end of the Second World War and Wandle is doing its bit to build the homes south Londoners need.

We have demonstrated a strong track record in providing new homes and services and we remain committed to our core purpose: Supporting people, across south London, who need a home. But we are also looking to the future.

We continue to invest in the communities in which we were founded, supporting local organisation and encouraging residents to realise their full potential.

Our purpose and vision

We see our purpose as supporting people, across south London, who need a home and we are helping to tackle the shortage of good quality affordable housing by providing homes for people most in need of housing.

We want to be a good landlord and contribute to building strong communities in south London and deliver against our vision.

Our strategy

Within our Corporate Strategy to 2025 we have set ourselves three strategic themes to support the delivery of our purpose.

We have faced significant challenges and are proud of the resilience we have shown. Our strategy clearly sets out our direction of travel, showing the key activities and impacts on performance so we can hold ourselves more accountable – and our customers can better hold us to account.

We have set ourselves three strategic themes that will receive significant focus and drive:

  • outcomes for customers that make us proud
  • providing homes we would be happy to live in
  • building new homes and successful communities.

We will deliver these themes with the support of our enabling objectives, which are:

  • financial resilience
  • well-governed
  • employer of choice.

See Publications for our full strategy to 2025.

The values we live by

Our values are statements of what we stand for and what we expect from our people. They are a reminder of the promises we make to our residents.

Aim high: We are ambitious for ourselves and each other and celebrate and share in success, as well as being relentless in the quest for improvements.

Own it: We take individual and collective responsibility for our actions and being honest when things don’t go right.

Think customer: We believe the experience of our customers is everything and that the customer will always be at the forefront of our minds.

Work together: We share insights, knowledge and experiences to improve the way we work.

Build relationships: We recognise that every person is unique and reflect this in the collaborative relationships.

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