Greenfingers competition results

We are delighted to announce the winners of our annual Greenfingers competition. All the entries are creative and peaceful sanctuaries for our residents, as a place to express themselves and relax.


Outdoor Garden: Janie Skinner, Croydon

Indoor Garden: Fiona Glen, Wandsworth

Edible Garden: Kafayat Timson, Croydon

Community Garden: Soul food Garden – Wingate Crescent, Croydon

Runners up

Outdoor Garden: Donna Spiller, Sutton

Indoor Garden: Ranka Smith, Wandsworth

Edible Garden: Annette Denvir, Southwark

Community Garden: Paul Percy and Jack Luff, Sutton

“Our community soul food garden at the end of Windows Crescent was initiated two years prior to the pandemic. It offers a place where neighbours can contribute and reap the harvest. There is so much to harvest in so many levels, it’s a place to connect with mother nature and enjoy being outside in the open. The garden boarders Mitcham common so we have the common as a backdrop with all the added wildlife wonders that makes our little heaven a special place.”

Soul Food Garden, Wingate Crescent, Croydon.

Keep an eye out for next year’s annual gardening competition return in 2023!