Keeping the peace

Wandle’s ASB team have successfully brought peace back to a community in Wandsworth who had been enduring years of antisocial behaviour from a fellow neighbour.

For several years, both Wandle and the Police had received several reports from residents about a very disruptive neighbour who was making their lives a misery.

The tenant in question was a known drug user who regularly vandalised the communal entrance and their neighbour’s cars. In addition, they verbally abused others in the community with personal and racial slurs. This behaviour was seriously impacting the other residents, and their overall wellbeing was being badly affected.

We always want to support residents in maintaining their tenancies and find a solution that suits all affected so they can move on and co-exist happily. Over the years, we had tried a variety of soft approaches to engage the perpetrator but had been met with resistance.

Enough was enough, and after an incident which involved them damaging the communal entrance door and the electrical cupboard, the police handed the resident a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO). If she breaches her CBO, we will be forced to apply for a repossession order, but this is always the last resort.

Sometimes the legal route is the only option, and time will tell if it has the desired outcomes. We do not tolerate antisocial behaviour and will always take complaints seriously. The easiest way to report ASB is through MyWandle. If you do not yet have an account, you can register here.